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Cheque Printing Sample

Note: Below is a cheque printed by yongAccount. Click the link above to start printing your cheque. It is also available as a facebook chequewriter application.

Cheque Printing Sample

Cheque Printing Videos

Topic: Print single cheque
Note: This episode shows you how to print a cheque with your internet explorer and your existing office printer!

Topic: Insert cheque into printer
Note: This episode shows you how to adjust the printer tray (2 side adjustable) for the cheque. If you have a one side adjustable tray, you can adjust the slider to the right side to hold a cheque. For multifuntion printer, you will have to use the bypass tray.

Topic: Print multiple cheque
Note: This episode shows how you can print serveral cheques at one time. First you enter all your payee in the form and get ready the cheques on the manual tray before you start the batch printing. It cannot go any easier!

Topic: Customize new cheque
Note: This episode shows how you can self-customize a cheque for your country. You simply measure 2 points on your cheque with a ruler. yongAccount is engineered for all Asia bank cheque and standard US check format. The measurement can be in cm or inch.